Energy Sector Projects

DataCom has many successfully implemented energy sector projects. Some of them are listed below.


SmartBilling/SmartBillingEnterprise is an integrated billing system for clients and suppliers of electricity power and automates critical activities of National Electricity Company. The system provides interface to the SAP/R3 Finance Module.


SmartDoc is a Configuration Management tool realized for specific needs of KNPP. The system consists of two main modules: Information Control Module (incl. document management) and Measure Management Module (incl. project management).


PERSONNEL is an information system hosting data about KNPP personnel. The data is also widely used by the other KNPP systems.


SmartFuel supports the complete nuclear fuel (NF) transition cycle, providing flexible tools for NF planning. SmartFuel is a valuable tool for active control of one of the most critical elements in a NPP – the NF, providing different scenarios (plans) for NF optimal loading in the reactor, saving money and time, improving overall NPP quality of operation.


SmartBGB is an advanced integrated information system for BULGARGAZ. The system integrates (automates) the overall billing cycle in BULGARGAZ providing an integration interface to BULGARGAZ accounting system.